twoprops’ minecraft server


Twoprops hosts a gallery of multiplayer Minecraft servers for M, J, and their friends:

  1. the first twoprops server, fully creative

  2. vanilla 1.8

  1. currently closed for remodeling

  1. currently closed for remodeling

  1. do you have what it takes to survive on a server with no ops?

  2. vanilla 1.8—new world NOW OPEN!

  3. Just opened (15August2015): an online interactive map of the survival server world (updated nightly).

  1. an adventuring server running with plots, parkour, sumo, fabulous hidden builds, and other adventuring delights

  2. vanilla 1.8

Access is controlled to keep it a safe place for young miners. If you’d like to join, send email to:

Be sure to let twoprops know your name and how you know M or J and what your Minecraft account name is. Tell twoprops whether or not you’re 13 or older; if you’re under 13, twoprops will need a parent’s okay for you to join. Your information will be kept strictly private, never disclosed to any third parties without a court order, and will be used only to add your Minecraft account to the server.

Concerned parents (now that’s redundant!) can read about our server:

information for parents

Want to know more about minecraft?

By using the server, you agree: No cussing, no bullying, no trash talk, and NO GRIEFING.


Work in your world...

Play in mines.