I am headed to the island house, and for the first time my plane has Starlink WiFi. Since it’s about a five-hour flight, it’s definitely nice to have WiFi available. Yes, I could still write without being connected, but invaribly I run into something that needs a bit of research or verification so it’s a much smoother process with online access. I’m too cheap to pay the usurous rates usually charged for WiFi when it’s available on overland flights, and it generally hasn’t been available at any price on trans-Pacific flights (how would they connect?), but Hawaiian Airlines partnered with Starlink and (for promotion?) makes in-flight WiFi available at no extra charge.

I quickly discovered, alas, that I had locked down access to my server to a degree that wouldn’t let me get shell access remotely. I had to create a couple of tunnels to control the server (and, in doing so, I discovered that I had failed to lock down a potential backdoor, now fixed).

Now I can continue to pollute the internet even when I’m out over the Pacific.


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