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Wyze night light

2024-06-16: The Wyze night light is great — with limitations.


2024-06-15: My older son graduated from college today.

LLM follies

2024-06-12: Large language “AI” models are making funny mistakes that point to serious problems.

regular mouse

2024-06-11: I’m back to a regular mouse as a pointing device.

feeling summer

2024-06-09: Is it the water? The sun?

deliberate bugs

2024-06-08: Software bugs are inevitable, but when there’s no excuse for software that’s broken by design.

weather balloon redux

2024-06-07: I’ve added videos to the weather balloon page.

go paperless!!

2024-06-06: Want me to use your paperless option? Show some respect.

upgradeable laptop

2024-06-06: My laptop can be upgraded.

slow food

2024-06-04: Our kitchen is full of slow food projects.

proxy voting

2024-06-02: Is it important to proxy vote shares of stock? I did it!

lifestyle business

2024-06-02: A label for how I ran my practice.

on-grid solar

2024-06-01: There is a pitfall to grid-connected home solar generation.

desert island scenarios

2024-05-31: I actually ended up stranded on an island with only…

airport treats

2024-05-29: Choosing mechanical massage over caloric treats.

beach trip

2024-05-28: A casual trip to the beach.

old garage

2024-05-27: The island place has this beautiful, ancient garage that I can’t save.


2024-05-26: “Uninterruptible” power supplies sure cause a lot of interruptions.


2024-05-26: A thought from John Steinbeck.

writing checks

2024-05-25: Writing checks seems so old-fashioned.

the obligation of gifts

2024-05-24: I appreciate gifts, but I sometimes feel the weight of them, too.

too many to-do lists

2024-05-23: There are many to-do lists in my life. I try to limit them.

using archive services

2024-05-21: What are the ethical implications of using “archive services”?

travel packing list

2024-05-20: I’ve been maintaining a packing list for travel for forty years.

near paradise

2024-05-19: On being close to paradise.

backing up to a VPS

2024-05-18: AWS S3 has gotten too expensive, so I’m moving my automated offsite backups to a cheaper virtual private server.


2024-05-18: Mowing on a whole new scale.

on the island

2024-05-17: I appreciate the more story-oriented way of doing business on the island.


2024-05-16: A small, unconventional hot tub has become my happy place.

airline wifi

2024-05-16: My trans-Pacific flight has free in-flight WiFi.


2024-05-15: A surprisingly good automatic pool cleaner.

salt and acid

2024-05-14: My swimming pool chemistry is maintained with just salt and acid.

recording things to write

2024-05-14: Meticulously writing down ideas for columns is almost an end in itself.

2024-05-13: A verse about hotel coffee.

weather balloon

2024-05-12: My son launched a weather balloon!

Google’s contributions to the spam problem

2024-05-10: Google has policies that worsen the spam problem.


2024-05-09: I bought a house for my cat, and made more money on it than my salary for five years of medical residency.

about this site

2024-05-09: I’ve moved the about and following information into its own column. It was previously at the bottom of this page, and was getting lost under all the posts.


2024-05-09: I’ve added a “previous” link at the bottom of each column.


2024-05-08: Performance anxiety has its purpose.

black text on a white background

2024-05-08: I’ve changed the site to default to black body text on a white background.

Commodore 64

2024-05-06: Memories of the Commodore 64, though I have never used one.

there is no Trader Joe’s on the island

2024-05-05: With no Trader Joe’s on the island, we’re going to have to change our shopping habits.

an RSS-only internet presence

2024-05-04: An online site whose content can only be accessed as an RSS feed, preferably by using an RSS reader.

open in new tab

2024-05-03: This site won’t open new windows and tabs when you click a link.

I’m going to try calling this my “column”

2024-05-02: It’s not a blog, and people were confused by digital garden, so I’m going to try just referring to this site as my “column.”

reader view

2024-05-01: I have come to rely on reader view in my web browser.

green energy

2024-04-30: Green energy is cool, but is it more than just a spreadsheet?

cloud services

2024-04-29: Cloud services are risky.

Zilog has discontinued the Z-80 microprocessor

2024-04-29: The venerable Z-80 will no longer be manufactured by Zilog.

maintaining your sourdough starter

2024-04-27: If you’re new to sourdough, you’ll want to know how to keep your starter going as you use it for baking.

sourdough Queen B Bread

2024-04-27: My favorite bread recipe adapted for sour dough.

parking fees

2024-04-25: I’m skeptical about claims that universities don’t gouge their captive student population for parking.

alas, no Mastodon syndication yet

2024-04-23: I’ll need to work on Mastodon syndication before it meets twoprops’ standards.

Mastodon echo

2024-04-22: Trial of echoing this garden to Mastodon.

without JavaScript

2024-04-21: JavaScript is useful, but overused.

bite zapper

2024-04-20: Finally, relief from insect bites.

scan. shred. heap.

2024-04-19: Save everything. File nothing. Simplify your life.

“sit!” “stay!” “okay!”

2024-04-18: Luna, the big dog, knows a lot of commands. I know “sit,” “stay,” and “okay.”

induction cooktop

2024-04-17: We love our induction burner and will be transitioning to all-induction when we move.

free sourdough starter

2024-04-14: It’s free. It’s sourdough. What else can I say?

web site complaints

2024-04-13: Where do comments about a web site go? To the web site development team, of course.

university parking

2024-04-11: The first duty of a university is to collect parking fees.

deadone key escrow

2024-04-10: How do I give legacy access to my secrets after I’m gone?


2024-04-09: I woke up today with a migraine.

refrigerator week

2024-04-07: It’s been a week of refigeration issues in twoprops’ world.

is it broken?

2024-04-05: When something is defective from the outset, but the defect doesn’t manifest for years, is it broken?

whispering into the void

2024-04-04: I’m not in search of immortality.

it’s always DNS

2024-04-03: Fiddling with DNS today brought down all three of my DNS servers, one permanently.

the worst part of waiting on hold is when…

2024-04-01: When your horrific web site has driven me to use the phone, don’t whine at me that I should be using your web site.


2024-03-30: Is listening to audiobooks really reading?

when I was 18…

2024-03-27: If someone had told me, when I was 18, that I’d find love in my 60s…

is all medical billing fraud?

2024-03-26: I have started reporting all-too-frequent medical billing “errors” as the fraud they are.

empty inbox

2024-03-25: My life has slowed down to the point I can actually handle all my email.

the mechanic with the oilcan

2024-03-24: Fame, and the lack thereof.

rapid hot water

2024-03-23: Having instant hot water to wash my hands is a joy.

big dog. big crate. big island.

2024-03-21: It takes a big, XXXL airline crate to fly this malamute.

big dog toys

2024-03-19: Luna, the big dog, loves her little plush lambs

digital garden

2024-03-16: content here is much shorter and simpler than my blogs

The Bezzle by Cory Doctorow

2024-03-15: a fun novel about a forensic accountant, the crash of 2008, and prison privitization

warm air for my cold feet at night

2024-03-14: the BedJet is a spendy but very nice footwarmer

fediverse vs. centralized social media: the sewage model

2024-03-12: explaining the fediverse using a wastewater analogy

taking out the trash

2024-03-11: appreciating municipal trash collection

the tragedy of nuance

2024-03-10: life would be so much simpler if we just…

too many clocks

2024-03-10: setting clocks for daylight saving time


2024-03-08: getting RSS working with Quartz

the howl of the wild

2024-03-07: Luna the Alaskan malamute howls with a wild coyote (video).

the peach tree

2024-03-06: A tiny, sickly peach tree we transplanted is now thriving.