Last week, we had a few triple-digit days (it got up to 104° Fahrenheit). Josh is now finished with high school (yay!) and, of course, I’m retired so we were able to go swimming in the pool. I also swam with HA, and earlier I had been in the pool measuring for some replacement tiles. A lot of swimming time!

Afterwards, standing in the sun, I had this glorious feeling that I associate with long days at the beach in my childhood. It’s a strong, almost overwhelming feeling. I associate it with surfing or bodysurfing, but (unlike when I’m on the island) I’m actually nowhere near the beach here. (I did get the same feeling on my last beach trip). Is it just being in the water? The sunshine? The hot air and sun on skin cooled by the water?

I guess I’ll have to keep experimenting if I want to figure it out. Poor me.


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