My wife is always too hot at night. I’m generally too cold, though not intolerably so except my feet which can feel cold even when I’m in a 110° hot tub. What we’ve found works okay is to keep the bedroom really cold and use two separate comforters, plus a mattress pad that’s heated on my side. Somehow, though, the heated pad is just kind of uncomfortable.

I was researching solutions and found a successful Kickstarter project called BedJet. It’s a blower with a nozzle that goes under the covers so that you can blow room-temperature or heated air between the sheets. I thought I’d get one to see if it would help my wife stay cooler.

It didn’t work for her. She said it cooled off her feet, but not the rest of her. Which got me to thinking…

It’s wonderful to have warm air gently blowing on my feet at times during the night. It’s doesn’t make them actually feel warm, but it does feel good.

The BedJet is extremely well made. I balked a bit at the price for what is basically a hairdryer to stick under the covers (but is far less likely to burn your house down while you sleep). It’s full of clever little design elements that make it (for me, anyway) worth the price. It mounts perfectly on the bed. It’s very quiet (I usually only run the fan at 30%). It filters the air so you don’t pick up interesting scents from under the bed. It has a very cool remote control that lights up (at a night-appropriate level) when you pick it up and with the press of a single button you can start a timed cycle of warm air (I find I only neet it to run for a half hour or so while I’m falling asleep).

It can also connect to WiFi and be controlled by your phone, but who wants to fiddle with their phone when they’re trying to get to sleep. Besides, I’m just done with the internet of things.

While it didn’t do what we had hoped, we’re happy with our BedJet.


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