I like this Quartz content management system so far, but it doesn’t seem to support RSS. I think RSS is vitally important to a free and open web. It was pretty popular once upon a time, so Google created a product around it, sucked up much of the user base, then killed it off. RSS has been somewhat obscure since, but remains a favorite among folks who don’t want their viewing habits curated and monetized by the tech oligarchy.

I’ve found this interesting, lightweight RSS generator script in just a few lines of bash, of all things. It will require some modification for this platform, but I hope to implement it soon.

Update 2024-03-09

As I was working on the script, I discovered that Quartz does generate an RSS feed. It does not, however, add the appropriate link tag in the index document to allow RSS autodiscovery. Adding

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="twoprops RSS"

to the index.md file seems to have done the trick.

The RSS bash script is still cool; I may adapt it to QRazy.fun (which I currently index by hand).


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