Chris M. has created a “blog” that can only be accessed as an RSS feed:

It’s an interesting idea. The content won’t be indexed by any search engines, and if you want to share something he posts, there’s no way to generate a link to it. You cannot comment or like or upvote but you must subscribe (with RSS, though, just by pasting that link into your RSS reader). What’s there, however, is an interesting read. I suspect he did it “because I can.” I intend to follow it, as I suspect posts will be few and insightful.

Exclusive content or no, I remain a big believer in RSS. I’m using Feeder for Android as I do most of my reading on my GrapheneOS phone. I’ve also used (and liked) Unread on iOS, though it’s been a while and I think it might require an online RSS reader account. Though I think online readers are somewhat antithetical to the RSS ethos, I’ve used Feedbin and (for $5/month) it works well and can sync your feed across all your devices if that’s your jam.

Free yourself from the tyranny of “five websites, each consisting of screenshots of text from the other four.” Install an RSS reader, visit your favorite sites and subscribe without giving up your email address, phone number, or credit card.

screenshot of Tom Eastman's xitter post about five websites with screenshots of the other four


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