a photo of the ancient garage at my island place

The island place has some history. I know that house dates from 1914 but has been lovingly maintained. This shed/garage, I believe, predates the house. It has a concrete foundation and the shed half has a concrete floor, but it has broken into rubble. The foundation itself, from what I can see, might be salvageable. The roof is all but dissolved into rust, and has been covered over with a tarp. Most of the support lumber is rotted and, as you can see, the siding is crumbling. I wouldn’t stand inside it if a stiff breeze was blowing.

Still, I love the look of it. I have tried to imagine various ways I could salvage it, but it is just too far gone. I’ll leave it for a while, I have other priorities right now, and there’s nothing in it except five (!) dead generators and a lot of yard tools. But I think my best bet will be to tear it down, rebuild it from scratch, and possibly save some of the more picturesque elements (window frames? header?) and use them as accent pieces on the new structure.


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