Today I got an update email from an artist whose work I have followed and thoroughly enjoyed since at least early 2017. At the end of today’s update, she invited readers to “Hit reply, show me what you’re working on.” So I sent her a link to this site.

An hour or two later, I found myself following the link I sent and looking at my own work while trying to imagine how she would see it.

an AI-generated image of narcissus falling in love with his own image

I hadn’t really noticed before, but I do this All. The. Time. Almost any time I direct people to any of my published writing, I tend to try to re-read it while thinking “what does this look like to them?” And, yes, I made a few edits while I was reviewing old material.

Thanks, Sonya, for the years of insights you’ve provided and this interesting glimpse into my own inner workings.


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