We’re getting closer to our move date. Such is the magic that HA brings to life that we’re actually ahead of schedule and I, at least, will be departing earlier than expected.

As I prepare to depart, I’m noticing more my role as the indomitable Infrastructure Man. Between the time that I move to the island and the house sells and closes escrow, I won’t be around to keep the bits hanging together. Sure, someone will figure out that new loo rolls have to be installed in the bathrooms, but things such as repairing the drip watering system and keeping the various phones, toothbrushes, vacuums, jumpstarters, tire inflators, yard equipment, and the wireless nightlights properly charged probably won’t get timely attention. While the pool is largely self-regulating, it does need occasional infusions of salt and acid and the filter traps need to be cleaned a couple of times a week, but I think the water level will take care of itself as I’ve been tuning a remote-controlled filling system. The hot tub is a bit more finicky, but I might just drain it before I leave as it is destined to get shipped to the island with us. Many other infrastructure tasks can be addressed remotely (financial affairs, coordinating services) or, as long as HA is still here, can be done by proxy.

If the gods of real estate smile upon us, the house will sell quickly and the new buyers will be happily taking over my infrastructure duties. It’s a wonderful home — though far more than we need now that our children are now grown — and I hope someone finds it that can appreciate and enjoy the little bit of maintenance that it needs.


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