I’ve now written 55 columns for twoprops.net (reborn) since I started it 69 days ago. Not too bad. In fact, since April I have averaged a column every day. That was a sorta kinda goal, but I wondered if I’d be able to think of something to write about every day. I’ve kept a list of things “I should write about someday” but it was never very long. I rarely added to it, even when I had promising ideas. So with the notion that I might end up being short of ideas, I started being more meticulous when things popped into my head. To my surprise, the list is growing rapidly even as I churn out an almost-daily column. I’m also discovering that keeping up is far from a chore: I look forward to writing these and actively work to make time in my schedule (or, at least, I actively avoid addressing less fulfilling tasks).

I enjoy the way I think about things from the angle of how I’m going to describe them to others.


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