Luna, the big dog, loves her toys. She has a crate full of them. Most of them are extra-tough big dog toys, as anything but the toughest toy will soon be destroyed by those mighty malamute jaws.

Except her plush lambs.

She got a little Lambchop toy and we expected swift and immediate destruction, but instead she carried it around gently and (except for occasionally throwing it) would show it lots of love.

She got several others, and they have lasted a long time (with occasional trips to the infirmary to sew up inevitable lacerations).

Luna prefers to sleep outside. She’s an arctic dog, and we keep the house far too warm. But almost every morning, now, she asks to be let in, goes to her toy box, and roots around until she finds a little lamb. Then she’ll carry in gently in her mouth, with her head down, and show it to us before asking to be let outside. She’ll carry the lamb out to her lair and lie with it a while. We have to be sure to carry some of them back inside so she’ll have a lamb to rescue the next morning.


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