I’m trying to make this site easy to navigate for my vast throng of [two or three] regular readers. You can always catch up by clicking on the top column of the home page then, at the end of each column, click the “previous” link to see the, uh, previous column. Repeat until you’re seeing old, boring stuff you’ve already read.

What I haven’t figured out is a good way to bring attention to revisions in columns. I occasionally return to old columns and add information or fix a typo. If I think it’s really interesting, I’ll call it out in a new column (as I did with revisions to the weather balloon page). Of course, if it’s a truly trivial change (as when I found a period that should have been a comma), nobody needs to know about that. But sometimes, as when I added a newer photo of out peach tree it didn’t seem to justify a column of its own but it would have been nice to give people who really care deeply about the peach situation to discover it.

I haven’t figured this one out yet.


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