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without JavaScript

2024-04-21: JavaScript is useful, but overused.

bite zapper

2024-04-20: Finally, relief from insect bites.

scan. shred. heap.

2024-04-19: Save everything. File nothing. Simplify your life.

“sit!” “stay!” “okay!”

2024-04-18: Luna, the big dog, knows a lot of commands. I know “sit,” “stay,” and “okay.”

induction cooktop

2024-04-17: We love our induction burner and will be transitioning to all-induction when we move.

free sourdough starter

2024-04-14: It’s free. It’s sourdough. What else can I say?

web site complaints

2024-04-13: Where do comments about a web site go? To the web site development team, of course.

university parking

2024-04-11: The first duty of a university is to collect parking fees.

deadone key escrow

2024-04-10: How do I give legacy access to my secrets after I’m gone?


2024-04-09: I woke up today with a migraine.

refrigerator week

2024-04-07: It’s been a week of refigeration issues in twoprops’ world.

is it broken?

2024-04-05: When something is defective from the outset, but the defect doesn’t manifest for years, is it broken?

whispering into the void

2024-04-04: I’m not in search of immortality.

it’s always DNS

2024-04-03: Fiddling with DNS today brought down all three of my DNS servers, one permanently.

the worst part of waiting on hold is when…

2024-04-01: When your horrific web site has driven me to use the phone, don’t whine at me that I should be using your web site.


2024-03-30: Is listening to audiobooks really reading?

when I was 18…

2024-03-27: If someone had told me, when I was 18, that I’d find love in my 60s…

is all medical billing fraud?

2024-03-26: I have started reporting all-too-frequent medical billing “errors” as the fraud they are.

empty inbox

2024-03-25: My life has slowed down to the point I can actually handle all my email.

the mechanic with the oilcan

2024-03-24: Fame, and the lack thereof.

rapid hot water

2024-03-23: Having instant hot water to wash my hands is a joy.

big dog. big crate. big island.

2024-03-21: It takes a big, XXXL airline crate to fly this malamute.

big dog toys

2024-03-19: Luna, the big dog, loves her little plush lambs

digital garden

2024-03-16: content here is much shorter and simpler than my blogs

The Bezzle by Cory Doctorow

2024-03-15: a fun novel about a forensic accountant, the crash of 2008, and prison privitization

warm air for my cold feet at night

2024-03-14: the BedJet is a spendy but very nice footwarmer

fediverse vs. centralized social media: the sewage model

2024-03-12: explaining the fediverse using a wastewater analogy

taking out the trash

2024-03-11: appreciating municipal trash collection

the tragedy of nuance

2024-03-10: life would be so much simpler if we just…

too many clocks

2024-03-10: setting clocks for daylight saving time


2024-03-08: getting RSS working with Quartz

the howl of the wild

2024-03-07: Luna the Alaskan malamute howls with a wild coyote (video).

the peach tree

2024-03-06: A tiny, sickly peach tree we transplanted is now thriving.

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content management through the ages

I’ve had a presence on the internet since 1996. Back then my sites were hand-hewn HTML made with a little help from Nisus Writer and later BBEdit. I had fun with it, but I found that maintaining the sites — and particularly adding new content — became somewhat tedious.

I decided to try some content management software, and in 2005 tried the TWiki collaboration platform. It was an improvement for maintaining the content, but keeping the platform itself running was a nightmare. In addition, I thought that the aesthetics of the TWiki sites left something to be desired.

In 2018, I moved,,, and to WordPress. The platform was much easier to maintain and visually attractive, but the software base itself was huge and horribly complex, and uses technologies (PHP, mySQL) that I don’t really like to expose to the net if I don’t have to. Worse was the fact that WordPress seems to be moving inexorably toward supporting more commercial “web designers” instead of small-web proponents who want to quickly and easily maintain simple, independent, ad-free sites. I found, particularly with improvements to their editor, I had reached the point where I dreaded adding a post to any of my sites for fear of encountering another new WordPress feature that would make the experience even more frustrating.

I retired from my medical practice two years ago, but am still maintaining a lot of IT infrastructure. I have been itching to start more stream-of-consciousness sort of posting, but WordPress was just putting too many barriers in my way. I started looking for solutions that would let me just throw together quick posts in an offline text editor using Markdown. That, then, is what this site is. I’m trying out Quartz as my content management system.

Still no ads. No tracking (though I now see that Quartz is loading some Javascript resources from Cloudflare, which I will try to relocate to a server under my control). No animations, pop-ups, and minimal (but still too much) Javascript. Minimal graphics and no logos. Lightweight.

The twoprops Minecraft Server information site is available, staticized, at, but is no longer maintained. I am leaving the some of the Minecraft servers up for nostalgic reasons, in spite of feeling guilty about using energy for it.

My other sites are still on WordPress (except, which is a truly lightweight hand-crafted, Javascript-free site). I’ll probably be staticizing the ones that don’t change much, and keep the legacy WordPress sites offline to use as static-site generators.

Thanks for visiting.