Some amazing volunteers have been updating Minecraft Overviewer to work with the new 1.13 file format. I am running a test version now. It estimated sixty hours (!) to render the new map from scratch, but it’s going a bit faster than that.

UPDATE: The rendering is finished (in just under 30 hours) and the new map is installed. As expected, there are blocks that don’t render but overall it looks good. Check it out!

overviewer maps are broken

The recent (18July2018) update to Minecraft 1.13 has broken the Survival Server map. There are no immediate plans to update the map generating software (overviewer), as apparently Mojang’s new chunk format is poorly documented and overviewer will require major refactoring to work with the new format.

If a compatible update becomes available, I’ll get it running as soon as possible.

The discussion about the possibility of an update is here, along with information for those who might wish to contribute money or code:



A few of the minecraft servers are still up, but are seeing little use. The web site needed a re-vamp including TLS support (https:) and a more modern content management platform (WordPress).

I’m not too sure where (or when) I’ll go from here.