minigames down again

The server hosting minigames is having… difficulties. It’s ancient and has had a good life, but I cannot afford to put any more effort into keeping it running. Likely over the weekend, I’ll be moving minigames to a newer (and much faster) box. Until then… down.

1.16.3; minigames down

The creative and survival servers have been updated to 1.16.3.

The minigames server blew a CPU cooler. New part on order. Up when new cooler is installed.


UPDATE 20201026@19:55: the server is back up and updated to 1.16.3.

the nether update

Survival and Creative servers have been updated to 1.16.1 — the Nether Update.

Minecraft Overviewer is not yet compatible with 1.16.1, so the Survival Server map is a bit messed up right now.

26June2020: Overviewer has been updated; the map should look good again.


All servers updated to 1.15.2 and running smoothly.


The minigames, survival, and creative servers have been updated to 1.15 as of 11December2019. The overviewer map might not update correctly until the weekend, when I can compile the latest version.

Update 20191212@16:21: overviewer is updated and the survival server map is current.


Update 20190518@07:17: creative server is also up on 1.14.1.

Some strangeness was causing frequent crashing after we updated to 1.14. I have now updated the survival server to 1.14.1, which (so far) seems to have solved the problem. I’m going to leave the creative server offline until I’ve tested 1.14.1 a bit more.

The 1.14 Update

I have updated the creative and survival servers to 1.14.

For now, the minigames server is down. Nobody has really used it in a long time, and I need the hardware for another task (one that actually, well, makes money). If anyone misses it, drop me a line and I’ll bring it up on another box.

The survival server map might remain out-of-date for a bit while we get overviewer working with 1.14.



All active servers (survival, creative, minigames) have now been updated to 1.13.2 — have fun!

minigames back up

The minigames server is back up, and can be reached (as always) at — thanks for your patience. The new server is about ten times faster and lightly loaded (right now) so performance should be excellent.